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Level 2 and it’s all go at Eastagte

Level 2 and it’s all go at Eastagte

Eastgate will be open at 9am on Thursday 14 May. The coffee is brewing, the shoes are waiting to walk out the door, exquisite gifts looking for that some one special, postal services, and so much more. Yes it is all on offer now under level 2 at Eastgate. 

We have rearranged the food court to allow for social distancing between tables and to allow for safe distances for serving and ordering food and to be able to pass by safely. Your will see some floor decals letting you know where it is safe to wait to be served.

We have hand sanitizers available around the Centre and have taken extra care while we have been closed to have the Centre sparkling clean for you.

We have some Government rules we have to abide by and we ask for your cooperation and patience while we meet these to keep you safe and continue the fight against COVID19.

  • You will need to fill in the contact register at at each store. Please bring you own pen if possible.
  • We may need to restrict the numbers coming into the Centre, so there may be times when we ask you to wait to be able to enter.

Most stores will be open 9 and to 6 pm Monday to Saturday and 10 to 5 on Sundays.

Pascoes, Number 1 Shoes, EB Games and Westpac have shortened their hours. Please see their page for details.

Please don’t come to Eastgate if you have and COVID like Symptoms, have been tested for COVID and awaiting results, or have been associated with people who have. 

Eastgate, working together with you to keep us all safe