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<span class="nnColorfulPostColor" style="color:#8224e3">You Can’t Handle the Jandal!</span>

You Can’t Handle the Jandal!

  Do you want some cool Haviana Jandals for free?  Then come on down to Eastgate, spend $40 in any store (excluding The Warehouse & Countdown), and they’re all yours! get full details here

<span class="nnColorfulPostColor" style="color:#f4f122">Suicide Prevention Awareness Month</span>

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

  September is Suicide Prevention Month with the 10th September being World Suicide Prevention Day, so here at Eastgate we are going to be holding some events throughout the month and on the day to support this.… get full details here

ACE: A Horsey Tail of Courage

ACE: A Horsey Tail of Courage

  BULLYING LET’S TALK ABOUT IT. Bullying affects our kids’ well-being and their view of themselves and the world. Bayleys and the
BNZ Crusaders have produced a children’s book ‘Ace: A Horsey Tail of Courage.’
Starring the Crusaders Bayleys Horses with stunning illustrations, and a sweet, gentle storyline
about bullying – you’ll see that it ends really well at the Clip-Clop School for Horses.… get full details here

<span class="nnColorfulPostColor" style="color:#39cc00">Eco-Friendly Straws now at Unichem!</span>

Eco-Friendly Straws now at Unichem!

Save the environment and buy these ultra cool eco-friendly glass straws! Complete with straw cleaner so you can use them everyday!  No more plastic straws here!get full details here

New Seasons of NZ at Muffin Break!

New Seasons of NZ at Muffin Break!

  Muffin Break wants to highlight NZ’s seasonal, fresh and local produce by giving their customers something new and interesting to try!   So…. Come and Try our Delicious Tamarillo Muffin!get full details here

<span class="nnColorfulPostColor" style="color:#dd3333">Meal Deals at Subway!</span>

Meal Deals at Subway!

    Subway, Shop 601 Eastgate Shopping Centre full details here

<span class="nnColorfulPostColor" style="color:#81d742">Treats for your Pet at Four Paws!</span>

Treats for your Pet at Four Paws!

        4 Paws, Shop 301 Eastgate Shopping Centreget full details here