Privacy Policy

Eastgate Shopping Centre is proudly managed by Colliers International New Zealand Ltd. Colliers International Managed Properties (We refer to each of these centres in this policy as “us”, “we”, “our”, “property”, “centre”) are committed to comply and protect your information in accordance with the privacy principles set out in The Privacy Act 1993 which define the rules pertaining to the collection, storage, security, accuracy, use and disclosure of personal information. It also encompasses individual’s rights to access and correct their personal information. It will be collected for lawful purposes connected with a function or activity carried out by the property.

Providing your personal information or using collection of information through use of services or entry into competitions, you agree to this.

This Privacy Policy is subject to and applicable in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions for this website and any other terms and conditions you agree to when using or signing up to any of our services or activities.

1. Collection of information

Personal information is collected, where applicable, to inform of upcoming events, activities, promotions and ensure full enjoyment of the property by staff, retailers, contractors, sponsors and customers alike.

We will only use this information for the purposes you have authorised and you may unsubscribe at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions contained in the message.

Collection is by way of (inclusive but not limited to):

  • Website registration and the collection of information through the required fields through the online form.
  • Use of mobile applications and third-party applications within the centre including those that utilise the centre’s infrastructure, including Bluetooth beacon networks and Wifi logins.
  • Centre competitions where your details are entered into the database as a competition entry requirement.
  • Services hire for mobility aids or other equipment from the centre for records of the hirer.
  • The purchase, redemption and online activity from centre gift cards.
  • Our retailers operating within the centre.
  • Carpark information, where the centre carpark is under video/camera surveillance. Personal information, car licence plate details and images may be collected directly or from third parties relating to the management and security of the premises and visitors to the property.
  • Website traffic and behaviour through use of the centre’s website, including content accessed and services utilised, through use of log files or cookies.

Aggregated information is generated automatically by our online systems. This includes statistical tracking information used for analysis to enable us to analyse traffic, behaviour and patterns for the purpose of improving the centre’s website. Such information is inclusive of, but not limited to the numbers of visitors and visits to the website, time, date, pages and navigation of visit, location based on IP address country of origin, systems users access the site and leads from other sites. It does not individually identify users.

Whilst logged in we may collect visitor’s data and information. We own this information and use it to verify visitor behaviour to make improvements.

This includes information pertaining to/collected from:

  • Devices connected to or indefinable by centre infrastructure (such as Centre WiFi networks or blue tooth transmitter (beacon) infrastructure) where we or third-party providers automatically collect key statistical data from your devise across location, usage, type of devise, movement around centre and consented data from signing in to access.
  • Measured consumer data, passively collected from centre technologies to provide visitor information. audience measurement information collected passively using in centre technologies such as SmartScreen Advertising Units which utilise image processing software to aggregate data such as shopper numbers and demographics. These technologies do not identify individual shoppers, or record or retain images of individual shoppers.
  • URLs and Mobile Apps which are accessed leading to the centre website or accessed through the centre WiFI can be collected.
  • Publicly accessible social media and networking This includes any personal information you allow us to collect by linking your account on our website with a third-party social-networking site including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+;

Collection and analysis of this information is used for marketing and communications to provide a better service, more desirable activations and promotions for visitors; statistical visitor information to owners, potential retailers and management teams.

2.     Use of information

We use your personal information for the purposes of:

  • Identifying visitor’s use and patterns to understand service requirements, mapping journeys and best meeting needs.
  • Improving our website to provide information on the centre, it’s retailers or related companies, that may be of interest.
  • Communicating marketing, promotional and publicity activity including direct marketing and marketing research.
  • Presenting advertising and information that is most relevant to you and your interests.
  • Any other purpose which is stated to you at the time of collection or that you otherwise authorise.

3.     Disclosure of Information

The only instances by which

To the extent permitted by law, we may share your information to a third party relating to the management and of the centre and/or security of the premises and visitors, staff, guests and contractors to the property. In the instance where we contract marketing activity to a third-party, they would be privy to personal information but bound through contract with Colliers Internationals. This information can be passed on to law enforcement and governing bodies, centre staff, subcontractors, third parties, insurers and retailers.

Personal information will only further be shared, should we

  • Have your permission to do so by agreeing to the disclosure and used for the intended purposes you agreed to.
  • Receive a nomination from a friend whereby we send an email on behalf of your friend.
  • Respond to a request of information when you enquire about our services, you will be added to receive further information pertaining to this.
  • Be required by our contractors, enabling them to provide their service so we can complete a transaction on your behalf
  • Be required to by law or a law enforcement agency privy to this under its statutory powers including facilitating court proceedings or to protect our rights, the property or the safety of persons.
  • Need to for safety, security and information assurance purposes.
  • See fit to disclose for marketing review and improvements for business partners or where necessary for third parties to offer products or services that may be of interest
  • Require functionality and/or SIML, for legal and auditing purposes.

4.      Storage of Information

All personal information is held in a database which we take all reasonable measures and precautions to protect by a firewall and host-based security.        It will have transmitted over the Internet from this database and may cross international borders, where in doing so is part of our business practises relating to the storage and transfer of data as permitted by law. Original documentation such as an entry form or any additional information to verify identity, will be destroyed.

5.     Access and Correction

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure personal information we hold is accurate.

You can unsubscribe from receiving any communications and removing yourself from the active database at any time, by clicking ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of emails newsletters.  You can update your information at any time by emailing the centre directly.

6.     Advertising and Third-Party Links

Should you leave our site, irrespective if you have clicked on any advertising from our website or email communications, our privacy policy no longer applies. You are then bound by the privacy policy of the subsequent site. It is in your best interest to review these. Advertisements managed or placed on our site by third party companies may request or record information from users, use cookies or non-personal information when clicking or activating their banner advertisements.  This automated technology and statistical collection may not be obvious to you.

7.     Business Transactions 

It ownership of the website or any of its portions changes, your user information may be transferred to the new owner, so the website can continue operations with the privacy policies still applicable.

8.     Changes in privacy policy

We reserve the right to amend our privacy policy and alter functionality to take account of new laws and technology, changes of operations and practices, and the changing business environment. Any changes made will be updated in this privacy policy accordingly. We will inform you of any changes by way of publishing an updated policy on the website, effective from the date of publication.

9.     Contact Details

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or your personal information, please feel free to contact us at

10.      Protection of your details

While we make every effort to guard your privacy and secure the personal data we receive, however when you provide us with information, you do so at your own risk. Due to the nature of the Internet and email systems, we are unable to guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information while it is transmitted over the Internet.

Please take measures to protect your information by always closing your browser on completion of sessions and protect your personal information and emails especially when you use a public computer.

Please contact us immediately should you be concerned that someone has gained access to your personal information or we have breached our privacy obligations or your privacy rights. We are happy to discuss any issues with you.