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Level 2 at Eastgate

Level 2 at Eastgate

Being open under Level 2 means we need to keep safe and practice social distancing and take hygiene precautions.  You know the drill on that.

Even in level One we continued to take precautionary efforts that will see us into Level 2. 

  • Hand sanitiser at key locations.
  • A high frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of regularly used objects and hard surfaces (e.g. hand-rails, bathroom door handles, food-court tables, seats and trays). Rubbish bins will also be emptied more regularly. 

Now we need to reintroduce physical distancing and perhaps contact tracing. We will continue to monitor and encourage all of us staff and customers) to follow social distancing guidelines.

Tables within the food court have been reduced and separated. 

For lift access, where applicable, please use within your bubble giving priority to those elderly or those who need assistance.

We recommend and encourage the use of contactless transactions such as payWave instead of cash for payments. 

Retailers are facilitating distancing at counters and benches. They are required to avoid overcrowding and may need to impose an in/out system to limit the number of people in their stores at a time. 

We care about everyone’s wellbeing so will continue to check in with our retailers to see how they are doing and give them and you all the support and information we can to keep you safe.

We have QR codes displayed at all of our entrance ways for you for contact tracing. Some of our stores will also have their own QR codes for your use. Some may require you to complete their register.  For more information on the Government Tracing app, click here

We will be monitoring our customer numbers. Limitations on maximum numbers, may require us to restrict entry.  If that is the unlikely scenario please bear with us as we make our centre as safe as possible for you.

If you don’t feel well, stay home and get tested.  We have done an amazing job at keeping our country as safe as possible and encourage you to continue your efforts.