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Bubble Fun with Nanogirl

Bubble Fun with Nanogirl

Bubbles and Slime

Daily Shows at Eastgate this holiday starting on Monday 26 April to 2 May at 11 am every day with Nanogirl

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday we have the Nanogirl Bubble Show. You will be wowed with giant bubbles you an stand in, cloud filled bubbles’ a long snake bubble and more!

This is a 45 minute stage performance provides an edu-tainment experience followed by 15 minutes of interactive bubbly fun, maybe even get to stand in a giant bubble.  The show is filled with spectacular bubble experiments and opportunities for kids to participate. This is a highly interactive performance

Tuesday Thursday and Saturday same time we will have Nanogirl Slime Booth. Kids wont be able to resist the chance to make their own slime in the educational interactive slime booth.  The booth provides a short, hands on experience session where each child can make their own slime in a choice of colours and textures. The Nano girl scientist will guide the kids to make their own concoction. Each session of slime making is about 5 minutes. The first 100 kids will be able to take home free slime pots with their unique slime.